Wholesale baby clothes are most often bought by people who may be planning to resell them for a profit. A reseller may intend to sell these clothes online or in a regular store or boutique. Regardless of the mode in which it will be sold the products that you will buy will essentially be the same. Baby clothes come in a variety of styles that are suited for different seasons, in recent times they have also come to epitomize some degree of trendiness by donning some of the most well known designer names. The greatest thing about selling baby clothes is that the demand for these types of clothing generally remains high because of the number of babies born annually and how quickly they will outgrow their clothing. It is also possible to buy large quantities of baby clothes for personal use. Regardless of what your reasons are for buying wholesale baby clothing there are a few tips that should be followed to get the most value out of your wholesale purchases.

Tips and Guidelines

If you are buying baby clothes for resale you should be aware of a few important bits of information. Because you will be purchasing these clothes to make a profit you will have to make an additional effort to ensure you are getting exactly what you desire from the supplier(s) of choice.

  • Before buying any items of clothing you should decide what specific market you’ll wish to target. It’s best at this point to research what most retailers are selling to get a better idea of the current trends and also to ensure you will not be specializing in an area that is overly saturated by other retailers. For example: you could specialize in only designer baby clothing. But whatever you choose to pursue just be certain that it has been proven to be essential by your own research.
  • You may find distributors by going to trade shows, searching through trade magazines or any other related published material and/or using online sources. It is advisable to use all sources available to find the best wholesaler. You do not want to settle for the first few suppliers that you find because this will not guarantee that you will get the best deals. There are instances where a distributor does not offer the best possible prices hence it is important to be wary of this fact. The simple truth is that though the fundamental idea of wholesales should be that they offer much better prices than conventional retailers, some do not necessarily fulfil this accepted standard.
  • Compare prices. It is important to compare the prices of different suppliers. You will receive the best possible deals by going to as many suppliers as you are able to visit. A comparison is best done by comparing items that are identical or similar from different wholesalers. It is not unusual for some items to be more expensive from one supplier while other items are sold more reasonably from the same supplier. You should also expect to find variations in the prices from different suppliers despite similarities in the product. The great thing about shopping online is the ease in which it can be done. You will be able to visit multiple websites that offer wholesale baby clothes and compare all the prices from one convenient location. To aid this task, you could possibly create a spreadsheet that compares different suppliers and the prices they offer. You can also create categories for individual items from each supplier to have a more thorough comparison of the prices. Once you are done you will be able to see how the suppliers compare to each other in more detail. If you rely on simply jotting down a few points, you run the risk of overlooking some specific details that can guide your decision. When an indepth summary of the costing is tabulated you can make the decision to buy particular items from one distributor and other items from another and so on. The best cost, needless to say, will improve your profits greatly.
  • Find reviews by customers and other resellers about the wholesaler you will be using to make your purchases. Some of these reviews may be available on their website or you may research and find external sources with this information. It is recommended that you find external sources, for these will be unbiased or less skewed in the favour of the wholesaler. Reviews are one of the best tools you may be able to use to gauge a wholesaler’s performance before your initial transaction.
  • Before following through with any transactions from a supplier. Ensure that this is indeed a reputable distributor who is licensed to sell. This needs to be carried out to avoid any possible scams or illegal activities that do happen in major transactions such as these. While there are some companies that will look very reputable there is always the potential for manipulation of some kind. Therefore it is essential to be very careful.
  • It is also important to choose products based on quality not just affordability. While many people are trying to make the greatest possible profits. Badly made baby clothing will not compensate for cheap prices in most instances. Because babies are especially prone to making a mess, the types of clothes that they wear should be durable enough to withstand many washes. Despite the fact that babies do outgrow their clothing fairly quickly they will also wear those same pieces of clothing more frequently because of how often they are changed on any given day. Babies, like adults, deserve well made clothing.
  • One thing that you will need to also consider in your pricing is how much you will pay for shipping. It is not out of the realm of possibility to find a great deal from a distributor only to find that their prices will actually be slightly less competitive because of the shipping costs. Therefore you must calculate the shipping costs within the overall budget when making a decision. You should also find out about shipping time. This is vital to your business as any delays in shipping while there is a strong demand will unmistakably affect profits. If you are intent on using the supplier as a primary source of your baby clothing needs be sure that their shipping time remains consistent or at least close to what they have designated.
  • You should also find out what the minimum amount is that you will be required to purchase from your chosen supplier. This minimum amount is given as a dollar amount that you must spend before any transaction can be completed. For example, some distributors might set this amount at $100 US dollars. If your order is under this amount you will need to add other things to your order to complete your transaction.
  • Always read their terms and conditions, this will give you an idea of what you should expect once your transaction has been completed. This area will include information on their return and refund policy and other useful information you will need to know before making your final decision. It is advisable to perform your transaction with a distributor that will make the necessary provisions for you to return items that do not meet your standards.
  • When making your first purchase, it is imperative that you do not buy very large quantities. Buy the minimum amount so that you are able to see if the clothes that you have bought will sell quickly. If there a few pieces you realize are not selling as well as you had first originally hoped then you can forget about ordering large supplies of those kinds of baby clothes. Ordering a small amount in the initial stages will also allow you to test the quality of the clothes and the quality of the service you will receive from the chosen distributor. This may inevitably determine if you will continue a beneficial business relationship with your newly found supplier or end it because of any faults that you may find with the product and/or the service.
  • If you have the option to directly speak to your supplier do so, this should greatly improve the odds that you will get the best deals available. Also building a productive rapport with your supplier will make the business transaction run more smoothly. Some wholesalers encourage this type of interaction to maintain good levels of customer satisfaction and client -supplier relationships. Never forget to take advantage of this option if it is given.

Wholesale Baby Clothes for the Average Consumer

Wholesale baby clothes can also be bought by parents who wish to save a lot of money when shopping for baby clothes. Though babies will outgrow their clothes fairly quickly they will still need multiple items. This will reduce the number of times you will need to do laundry per week and also the time spent shopping during any particular period. There are a few tips you can use to buy wholesale quantities to get the best value your money can buy.

  • Buy many different sizes. This will guarantee that you will have clothes for the baby as he or she grows. The smallest size you should buy should be one size larger than the baby is presently, a baby’s growth rate will alter very quickly so do not buy clothes that are a direct fit. Don’t simply buy clothes based on the manufacturers sizing but your baby’s own size. Babies like adults will come in various sizes. For example: many newborns do not actually fit in clothing made for newborns.
  • If you are working within a budget it is unwise to buy many or any brand name pieces. You will find that you can get high quality baby clothes that are not affiliated with any designers. Determine the quality by looking on the composite materials that are in the particular item of clothing.
  • Buy clothing for different seasons. Additionally remember to take into consideration that the baby is likely to grow as much as twice his or her size by the end of any year. If the baby was born in the spring and he or she is within the average range of clothing sizes you may buy clothes that are designed to fit a 10 month – one year old for his or her winter wear.
  • Shop around as much as you can to get the best deals that are available when buying clothing for your baby.
  • You should also use some of the guidelines mentioned previously. They will also assist you in making the best purchases.

A Few Websites That Specialize in Wholesale Baby Clothes

There are a wide selection of websites and stores to chose from when buying wholesale baby clothing. It is important that you try as many as possible, as stated previously, to guarantee that you are getting the best deals. If there is a means to directly contact the suppliers via telephone it is advisable that you do so as this has the potential to improve the chances that you will get the most competitive prices.


  • Offers a wide selection of wholesale baby clothes from several different distributors all in one convenient location, this website. It ultimately allows you to comparison shop which will help you find some of the best bargains.
  • The images of the items that they have in stock and a description that includes the material, sizes and colours that are available are displayed on the web page.
  • It has tabs that can be used to find product alert, sourcing magazines, sourcing reports, china fairs, private sourcing events which are all useful tools that may be used when shopping.
  • It has an RSS feed available that you may sign up for to get product updates: “Instant and convenient updates on the exact product categories you want”.
  • It has clothing categorized by type and the number of styles available in that category. For example: Baby clothing sets (368) Baby shirts (31) Baby sweaters (64) Organic baby clothes (63) Baby sleepwear (24) Baby T-shirts (157). This makes searching the site a lot easier.


  • Offers a wide variety of wholesale baby clothes.
  • Categorizes the clothes based on the types of baby clothes. It also shows you the number of styles available in that category. For example you will see Baby Accessories (715) as one individual category.
  • It has a preferences filter that you can use to narrow down your search.
  • When you click on the item you will see all the information that relates to payment and shipping. You will also see how much you will save dependent on the quantity that you order. For example if you are buying anywhere between 10-50 Ralph Lauren Baby polo t- shirts you will spend $11.96 USD however if you buy as much as 100 or more of the same item you will spend $10.27 USD. Which is approximately a 14% savings on your entire purchase. There are also additional pictures of the clothing you will buy from many different angles to give you a better look at what you will be purchasing.


  • This website manufacturers and sells wholesale baby clothing. It is typical for wholesalers that directly manufacturer their own products to be able to give you the most competitive prices, however this is not always the case because many other factors can contribute to more exorbitant prices.
  • They describe their clothing in these exact terms: “Our growing commitment to service, our experience, and the quality of our baby clothes is sure to be reflected in your company’s sales.Our 210 gsm infant blank baby clothes will give you the upper edge on your competition. We use a soft combed cotton that is unparralleled in the industry. We control the quality of our cotton and the production process. This enables us to produce superior quality garments at a significantly lower price.”
  • The website is very user friendly with tabs that are printed in larger more colourful letters. You can click on “Products”, “Size Chart”, “FAQ” and “Register”. Once you click on products you will be able to search and find the clothing of choice. The size chart gives you a general guide on the baby’s weight in relation to the clothes that he or she should wear. You may register to find out about great deals as they arise.
  • The clothes that are sold are also CSPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Act of 2008) compliant.


  • Offers a large variety of wholesale baby clothing including organic baby clothing: “The Koko Bean Shop is a supplier of wholesale baby clothing and unique heat transfers for children’s clothing. Our wholesale baby clothes, including blank onesies, tees, pants, bibs and more, are offered at great wholesale prices. We also have a great selection of wholesale organic baby clothes.”
  • They target home and business retailers.
  • They have other useful sections such as an FAQ, shipping and returns and custom manufacturing that you should consider perusing to familiarize yourself with all the additional information that they provide.


  • This is another comparison website that can help you find great deals from a variety of wholesale sources.
  • Clothing is categorized based on type and number of styles available within that category.
  • The cost and price to ship will vary with the distributor that you choose.


  • Offers a variety of wholesale baby clothing. They specifically “manufacture, wholesale, distribute and specialize in 100% cotton layette garments and accessories essential for babies up to 2 years.”
  • They do not demand a minimum purchase amount which allows you to buy a few items at first and see if you like the quality of their clothes.
  • They are CPSIA compliant manufacturers which guarantees a certain standard of baby clothes.


  • This website offers a directory of many wholesale baby clothing websites.
  • This is a good tool to use as it lists 14 websites that you can use to search for the best deals on wholesale baby clothes.
  • It offers a brief description from each website and a direct link to the website to make searching easier.


  • Offers a wide variety of wholesale baby clothing. They make the statement: “Your Source For Children’s Wholesale Clothing. We stock wholesale baby clothing, infant and toddler clothing and apparel for girls and boys. We are WholesaleKid.com Your wholesale clothing distributors of quality wholesale children’s clothing.”
  • You do not need to purchase a minimum amount. This will allow you to buy more variations in style and type of clothing.
  • They offer drop shipping.
  • “All sales are final with the exception of damaged goods”. They also request that you inspect your order to ensure that what you have received is satisfactory.
  • They have a link to a page that describes their full policy in detail. It is recommended that you read this first before proceeding with your transaction.
  • You can create an account to improve your chances of getting the best deals when they are posted.